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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there email support?

Of course there is, directly in my training app that you’ll get to use! You know why this is ten times better than ol’ boring and regular email? All our communication is in one place, so no switching apps to access your email account when you want to email me an urgent question while in the gym or you need to remember something I mentioned in a previous email! Awesome! I usually respond within 24 hours apart from on weekends, it might be a little bit longer (I turn everything off on Sundays).

Do I need to spend a lot of money on supplements?

NO! My heart sinks when I hear people dropping $500 every time they walk into a supplement store and still have no results to show for it months later! You won’t need any unless you really want to or I think it might benefit you in some way. A cheap and basic protein powder may help with adherence due to convenience when busy; BCAA’s will be good for any fasted training. That being said, for athletes, this is a different story; I have dedicated supplement schedules for competing athletes for their needed sports.

Is there anything else I will need?

Well the obvious thing (if you don’t have it already) is a gym membership or access to a home gym with a barbell. I am a huge believer in strength training because it gets the most results, the fastest and I am highly experienced in that area. I will not work with people that are not willing to learn how to use weights to their advantage.

A tape measure- I recommend you buy a new one (I recommend a Myotape or Orbitape type- it makes it faster, easier and more precise for self-measuring) and only use it to measure yourself. This keeps things consistent and it won’t go missing if someone else in your household loves to hide things when you need them! Haha

An electric food scale- Nothing fancy, but make sure it has a tare function (setting it to zero after you put something on it. It makes things fast and simple). This is only used for meat and carb sources and depends if I think you are a good fit to weigh foods.

For very lean clients- body fat callipers may be used. This is mainly for bodybuilders and physique athletes.

A full mirror WILL be needed- This is needed because of how good you’ll be looking! Haha jokes, you don’t need a full mirror to look at yourself in your birthday suit! Some new clothes will probably be needed though as your body changes!

What sort of diet will I be following?

Uh oh! Stop right there! When it comes to me… it isn’t “what sort of diet”, it’s more like “what will you be able to stay consistent with and what works for you”. My nutrition plans are based on science, they work within the needed parameters for your success. This means it can become very flexible, yet still gets results. That’s if you need that flexibility, to keep to the plan. On the other hand, if your adherence is high and can play within a more rigid nutrition plan for even better results, I can do this as well.

I don’t deal with inflexible and doctrinarian diets or set meal plans, because they just flat out don’t work in the long term. I don’t follow fad diets either because most of them contradict themselves or are only minimally based in nutritional science principles. So yes, you’ll be able to enjoy your carbs, because carbs aren’t evil and they won’t kill you and bring you back as a carb zombie. haha

This comes back to my coaching process. Through the first week AND every two weeks thereafter, I collect important info from you that helps me make result based decisions with your training and diet. This includes ways to keep your adherence at a level that will allow you to continue making progress. Remember, everyone is different, so everyone gets a different plan. (I do not work with vegan or vegetarians).

I play a sport… Can you still help me?

Defiantly can! Strength and conditioning and sports nutrition is my second love… after sci-fi! Also being an athlete myself, I know how important having a proper training and nutrition plan is. I get a bit too excited when it comes to athletes because I get to see how my Fitness Plans impact their sporting results, not just their performance in the gym and their physique changes.

Your training plan will be dictated on the sport and position you play (if it is a team sport) and other factors we will discuss together. Your training will be based on mostly barbell training, for the most part to develop maximal strength, power and speed.

How long before I start getting results?

To be honest with you, this all depends on so many variables I can’t truthfully tell you with a straight face because everyone is different. I have had clients lose 20kgs within 3 months and retain their strength, while I have had other clients lose 5kgs and add 5kgs muscle in 3 months. Everyone have different make ups that allow different rates of fat loss, muscle building and recovery. That being said, if you implement the plan you will be feeling different in the first week, within the first month you will defiantly see and feel progression towards your goal. Every two weeks we check your progress using measured data… actual facts, so we will both know if your making results or not. If you aren’t, I’ll make adjustments so you do. This is all part of my result based coaching process and my end of program guarantee.

I already know how to weight train; can I just get your nutrition coaching?

No. My service is a holistic approach. I do this because I can get faster and better results with clients this way because I have more control over the variables that matter. I need to know what is being done in the gym and outside (for athletes) to design a nutrition plan that will match such activity AND allow you to reach your goals. A lot of people know how to train however you don’t know, what you don’t know. I guarantee I can make adjustments to your current program to propel you forward. The best in the world have coaches, why wouldn’t you?

I am not sure I am quite ready yet?

Unless you’re injured or have a medical condition, you are always ready; you’re just telling yourself you’re not! What would your life be like after the 16 weeks working together? What would your life be like in 16 weeks… if we didn’t work together and you didn’t take action? I love saying this… Motivation follows action! And real results cause positive habit loops! Nothing is holding you back but yourself, the thoughts inside your head and I can help you break through this. Check out this post on a method I use myself to get me taking action on the things I know I should and want to do but keep putting off.

Why should I trust you?

I’ve spent many, many years studying the strength and conditioning, nutrition and mindset fields (and many others) since I was very young. I did this to help myself and because I am one curious “son of a gun”. I have worked through it all, being really skinny, to gaining a lot of fat while becoming strong, to getting even stronger and lean, to losing it all due to post-operative chronic nerve pain. I have worked through limiting beliefs and sabotage stemming from my earlier years as a child to overcoming huge life setbacks as an adult. I have the knowledge, experience and the compassion, which has helped me; help many others achieve their fitness goals.

This is why you should trust me. Oh and also my End Of Program Guarantee haha that’s another reason!

If you still don’t trust me, I’d advise you not to work with me because the likelihood of us “clicking” and you adhering to the Fitness Plan may be pretty low. Something to think about…

Tell me more about your guarantee?

My End Of Program Guarantee is put in place to motivate and assure my clients that the Fitness Plans work. If you follow and adhere to your Fitness Plan, at the end of the program you will see results. If we don’t see results we are both happy with… I WILL GIVE your money back or continue coaching you until we get the results we want!

The catch is, you have to adhere to the program, if you don’t and we get to the end of the program and you’re not happy, that’s on you. You must take responsibility on not taking action and this means you will not get your money back or continued coaching. I will know if you have not been adhering to the plan through our bi-weekly check-ups, training logs, our email communication and obviously… if you are not getting any results whatsoever, even after many adjustments over the 16 weeks. I think this is fair and I think you will too.

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“I have lost 20kgs working with Tom. Everything was laid out for me to follow and now I know what to do in future. Knowing what to do really helps with my enjoyment of food. Thanks Tom”

Dimitri Alexiou

“I was intrigued by Toms fitness plan coaching package as a Personal Trainer myself. Thought it will help me and my own clients with nutritional advice and learn some new training ideas. I was nodding my head with a lot of his advice and also learnt A LOT of new strategies to use with my clients!

Thanks for being so passionate brother! Looking forward to working with you again sometime soon”

Max Joseph

“Amazing Tom! Thanks for all the lessons included, especially the last one, I have stopped worrying about so much stuff I used to now! I thought you might want to know I have lost 3kgs of fat and gained 1.3kgs of muscle since the program with you! Didn’t realise until the other day how much your program helped me! Thank you. I am telling everyone that asks what I do to look so good now lol”

Samantha Green

“I can’t thank you enough man. I am stronger than I have ever been with less time in the gym! Everything you laid out seemed very different to what the other guys in my gym do but I can’t argue with the results you’ve helped me get! Thanks again man.”

Jake Fuss

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